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18W R7S LED Corn Lights T 180 SMD 3014 1980 lm Warm White AC 85-265 V

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Bulb Base:R7S; Type:LED Corn Lights; Light Color:Warm White; LED Type:SMD 3014; LED Quantity:180; Voltage (V):AC 85-265; Initial Lumens (lm):1980; Color Temperature (K):2800-3003; Material:Plastic,Aluminum; Dimension (cm):18.5x4.5x3; Net Weight(kg):0.15; Bulb Shape:...
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On 18W R7S LED Corn Lights T 180 SMD 3014 1980 lm Warm White AC 85-265 V Sale . For individuals who are trying to find
18W R7S LED Corn Lights T 180 SMD 3014 1980 lm Warm White AC 85-265 V
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