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Pro'sKit CP-462G Wire Ferrule Crimp Tool-Square Crimp (175mm)

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You need to to see the specifications & options that come with Pro'sKit CP-462G Wire Ferrule Crimp Tool-Square Crimp (175mm).
Material:Stainless Steel / Iron,Metal; Dimensions (cm):1853; Weight (kg):0.09; Type:Pliers,Clamps; Features:All in One...
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Tags: pliers, cheap pliers, pro'skit cp 376e 6p/8p modular crimping tool crimping pliers 200mm for cutting/ peel flat telephone wire or rround twisted pair Available at Anchorage, Providence, San Diego, Evansville, Norwich.

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Please require a few moments to watch the Pro'sKit CP-462G Wire Ferrule Crimp Tool-Square Crimp (175mm) details and features. This producrs is High Quality and Fast Shipping to the store. Click on the link below to See Price, Product Description and Customer reviews for Shipping available inside USA.

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  • Pro'sKit CP-462G Wire Ferrule Crimp Tool-Square Crimp (175mm)

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